Crawford Engineering specialises in machine guarding, protecting workers and ensuring safety whilst operating machines. In accordance with Worksafe Victoria, we work with businesses designing, manufacturing and installing custom built guarding to fit your machine.

When you identify hazards in your workplace – anything with the potential to cause harm, it is vital that you pursue professional assistance in putting measures in place to protect employees. If you believe that guarding may be what you need, Crawford Engineering has the skills and experience with the Australian Standards of safety to provide you with what your require.

To help identify areas of the machine which can cause injury or illness, look for Mechanical Hazards:

  • “drawing in” points
  • shearing points
  • impact and crushing areas
  • cutting areas
  • entanglement areas
  • stabbing points
  • abrasion areas
  • flying particles
  • any protrusions which could cause injury


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